Unbox the Summer 2018 Biohacking Box with Dave Asprey

Summer Air

Spring cleaning is all wrapped up and Summer is upon us! The weather is getting warmer and many people are working on their travel plans for the next few months, so I wanted to share some items that will help you maintain control of your environment while on the move. Traveling can expose you to a ton of toxins, both in your food and environment, and the items in this box can help you keep your performance at a high level.

WYND Air Quality Tracker

I am really excited to share this device with you! You should know by now my obsession with air quality due to past problems with mold exposure, which led me to create the Moldy Movie documentary. WYND has one of the best portable air purification units on the market, but what makes them incredibly unique is their air quality tracker. This tiny tracker clips right onto your clothes and sense airborne particulate matter in real time, including dust, allergens, industrial pollution, and even mold. It syncs with their smartphone app (both iOS and Android) to give you real-time data that would usually require a device that costs thousands of dollars. An upcoming update will break down the data into specific components so you can see what you are being exposed to in the air around you so you can take action to remedy it. The tracker can also work directly with their air purifier to automatically adjust the power based on what is detected in the air, and they have a companion app that shows the air quality in different geographic areas. This is seriously cool and I’m glad I can share it with you!

ExpressGo Cold Brew Bottle

With the weather warming up the newest installment in the ExpressGo coffee line will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Making cold brew coffee and tea at home has always been a challenge but this elegantly designed bottle makes it easy. The double-walled borosilicate glass is heat resistant and won’t stain or impart any flavors. The lid is made from sustainable bamboo, and the metal filter means there’s no concerns about plastics or BPA leaching into your coffee or tea.

Iced Bulletproof Coffee tip: use ghee instead of butter!

EatCleaner Produce Wash

 1 in 6 people get sick every year from contaminated food, and product recalls due to bacteria have doubled in the past couple decades. Most produce are covered in petroleum based waxes and are riddled with fungicides, pesticides, and a host of other petroleum-based. Rinsing your produce with water does nothing to remove the pesticides, bacteria, or wax. My friend and renowned chef, Mareya Ibrahim, formulated this EatCleaner formula to address this problem. The wash spray is proven to remove wax, pesticide residues, and bacteria from commercially grown produce, and has even been shown to extend shelf life up to 5x longer than untreated produce. It is tasteless and odorless and works in under 2 minutes. One packet is good for making enough spray to clean 30lbs of produce, and the wipes are biodegradable and convenient if you’re on the go. It’s important to wash your food with more than water to prevent the risk of ingesting harmful pathogens that can completely knock you off your feet or even worse!

Immune Boost Nasal Inhaler

Many people experience severe allergy attacks and illness during the summer months due to increased allergens in the air and exposure to foreign substances while they’re traveling. This simple nasal inhaler utilizes the natural power of colloidal silver, salts, and essential oils to boost your immune system and keep your sinuses clear. It’s conveniently sized to take with you and each wand will last around 3 months of regular use. These boosters are a no-brainer for supporting your immune system throughout the year and keeping your respiratory system in top shape.

  EnergyBits & RecoveryBits

Algae-based foods and products are experiencing a fast rise as the scientific community unearths more benefits. Chlorella and spirulina are two of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and have been used for decades by Biohackers for both detoxification and an energy boost. As with many foods, finding a quality source of these sustainable foods is extremely difficult, so my friend, Catharine Arnston, created EnergyBits to do just that. With just a single ingredient in each of the products you’ll find in the box, you’ll get a hardy serving of over forty vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein. The EnergyBits are great for a quick snack on the go whenever you have limited options, and the RecoveryBits are one of the most effective detox options for binding heavy metals and toxins floating around in your system. The single-serving packets are convenient and the tabs are even small enough for kids to handle without problems. You’ll be seeing a lot more news about algae-based foods in the mainstream media as it gains traction in different industries!

Golden Ticket Item – Airinum Mask

The Swedes are known for their design so it’s no surprise to such a stylish solution to a common problem. The Airinum mask is by far the most advanced air mask technology I’ve seen outside of the professional mold remediation space. The mask features a 4-stage filter that can trap particles as small as 0.1 PM, which is small enough to keep out most harmful particles, gases, dust, pollen, and bacteria. Each filter will last you about 100 hours worth of use and comes in a variety of different styles. These masks are a vast upgrade on the cheap painter’s masks you commonly see while traveling and they make a variety of sizes, including even for kids. Use WYND’s air tracker and apps to know the quality of the air you’re going into, and have the mask ready when it’s displaying harmful levels of pollutants that you don’t want to be exposed to. The mask comes with a convenient travel bag and takes up about as much room as a handkerchief so you can always have it on you when you’re on the go.