Unbox the Summer 2019 Biohacking Box with Dave Asprey

Energy and Performance

BiOptimizers Upgraded Digestion Kit

BiOptimizers, one of the platinum level exhibitors at the Biohacking Conference, creates cutting edge supplements for fixing digestion. The upgraded digestion kit in your box combines their 3 most powerful supplements to optimize your gut so you can assimilate the maximum amount of nutrients from your food. Masszymes is the strongest digestive enzyme formula that’s commercially available, with 5 different types of protease and a patented plant-based delivery system. P3OM boosts the presence of L-Plantarum, one of the most studied strains of probiotics. It both aids digestion and increases the immune system boosting capabilities of your microbiome. HCL Breakthrough contains a beet-derived form of betaine HCL to increase stomach acid and maximize digestion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. This is a serious gut upgrade package and you should notice a difference within days of taking these supplements.

High Performance Planner from Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is a personal friend, a repeat guest on Bulletproof Radio, and one of the most coveted personal development speakers on the planet. He has written multiple best-selling books, but also designed this High-Performance Planner based off the largest study ever conducted to research how high-performers increase productivity, set goals, and prioritize projects. The book combines both a journal and a planner and includes science-backed self-assessments, writing prompts, and calendar tools to help you maintain a positive mindset and create high-performance habits.

Primate Posture Brace

In this age of computers and smart devices, more and more people are developing poor posture habits like kyphosis. The constant leaning forward to stare at your computer screen and looking down at your smart device causes an exaggerated forward rounding of the back, craning neck and forward head posture, and slouching. This Posture Brace from Primate Co pulls your shoulders back and retracts your scapula to align your body and bring your spine and body into a more natural posture position. If you have problems with bad posture, work at a standing desk, or find yourself excessively looking down at your phone, you’ll really benefit from this brace

Grass-fed Beef Sticks from Paleo Valley

Paleo Valley stands apart from other meat stick companies because they use Old World fermentation to preserve their sausages instead of using encapsulated citric acid or other artificial preservatives. They use a slow cooking method of hanging their sausages in a cold smoker at lower temperatures, which can take 4 times longer to cook but results in sausages packed with amazing flavor and gut-healing probiotics. They use organic spices and zero sugar, and this kind of quality is truly rare to find.

https://paleovalley.com/#a_aid=biohacked This link will give you 10% off your purchase.

TrueDark Junk Light Panels

Fluorescent lights are terrible for your eyes. They emit high levels of excess blue light, which can interfere with your circadian rhythm and cause eye strain. We don’t always have a choice in the lighting installed in our homes, but in cases like that, these Junk Light Panels made by TrueDark are a great solution. You can place them into the cover tray of a fluorescent light fixture to significantly reduce your exposure to excess blue light. The sticky backing allows them to be cut and stuck to LED devices like digital timers or alarm clocks as well, allowing you to reduce overexposure to these wavelengths of light.

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

It’s easy to stay Bulletproof on-the-go with the delicious Collagen Protein Bars that Bulletproof offers. These protein bars are made with collagen protein sourced from grass-fed cows, no added sugar, and Bulletproof’s special Brain Octane Oil. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO as well. I often carry a couple with me for snacking when I’m traveling, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Free Chapter from Deskbound by Kelly Starrett

Dr. Kelly Starrett is a friend, Bulletproof Radio guest, New York Times Bestselling Author, and one of the most influential performance trainers and physical therapists in the world. His best-selling book, Deskbound, explains why sitting is the new smoking and how your chair is hazardous to your health. The book offers creative solutions and strategies to reduce the amount of time you’re sitting, as well as ways to fix poor posture, reclaim mobility, and maximize productivity. To check out a free chapter of the book, visit Biohacked.com/Deskbound-book. I highly recommend you pick up a copy to support Kelly’s life-changing work and learn how to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

Golden Ticket: Muse by Interaxon: The Brain-Sensing Headband

The Muse Brain-sensing Headband was the very first Golden Ticket item we ever gave away in the Biohacking subscription box, and I’m proud to bring it back for a second round! The new and improved Muse 2 has 6 sensors that give you real-time feedback on brainwaves, breathing, heart rate, and body movements to help you master your meditation practice. Meditation is a tool that many high-performers use to maximize their productivity and resilience, but it is extremely difficult for most people. The Muse helps enhance your focus and tracks your progress to make meditation a simpler and more effective part of your routine.

Golden Ticket: Keyto Ketone Breath Analyze

Ketone production is one of the core goals of the Bulletproof Diet and a great way to improve your productivity and resilience. Tracking your ketone levels usually requires pricking your finger for a drop of blood, peeing on testing strips, or fairly expensive testing equipment. Keyto has just launched with a brand-new breath analyzer that is affordable, easy to use, and only requires batteries and a smart device. It’s painless, portable, and provides helpful tips and recipes through the app. If you’re looking to track your ketosis levels on a consistent basis, give the Keyto a try.