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BSTRONG Blood Flow Restriction Training System

Dave Asprey Box 15If you’ve seen the recent Bulletproof Radio episode featuring Jim Stray-Gundersen MD, one of the world’s leading experts on Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, you know I’m a fan of training smarter, not harder. BFR is one of the most powerful fitness hacks I’ve ever seen! It manipulates your body’s circulatory system to produce incredible results with minimal effort, light resistance, and limited time investment. BFR works by using the inflatable elastic bands you’ll find in your box to safely slow the flow of blood to your limbs working muscle. While the blood flow is restricted, you do shorts bursts of simple, low-load exercises that don’t require much intensity. As blood accumulates in the muscles, you’ll experience a “pump,” and lactic acid will build up, causing you to feel a “burn” comparable to intense anaerobic training. The strong fatigue signal you will experience afterward tricks your brain into thinking that you did a much harder workout, and it will trigger a natural hormone cascade to repair and recover from the perceived heavy load, even though you put far less actual stress on your body and imparts benefits to your whole body, not just the limbs you were exercising. Increased growth hormone production promotes a multitude of benefits, including increased strength, improved bone density,
more efficient fat breakdown, better insulin response, sharper cognitive functioning, and a boosted immune system, among many others. BFR training has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing the symptoms of Metabolic syndrome, which has been found as a common denominator in 90% of the severe cases of COVID-19. Regular exercise like BStrong BFR Training will maintain robust fitness levels that help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, and  hypertension, while also increasing your sense of well-being and promoting better energy levels. All of these things are needed now more than ever!

At nearly $300, this BFR system makes this our strongest box ever, both literally and from a value standpoint, and I can’t wait for you to experience the impact it can have on your physical health.

Visit campaigns.bstrong.training/biohack for some special offers to complete your training kit, plus a friends/family discount so they can experience BFR Training as well!

erthe Nanotech Grounding Straps

Dave Asprey Box 15We are bioelectrical beings, and many bodily functions are driven by electrical signaling. We evolved being in near-constant contact with the Earth, absorbing negatively-charged electrons from the ground through our bare skin. This electrical transfer of energy is called “grounding”, and mounting evidence suggests that it is beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep, healing faster, and operating with higher energy levels and a better mood. The problem is that we have isolated ourselves from the Earth with rubber-soled shoes that cut off that vital electron supply, and grounding in the modern world can be very inconvenient. That is why I was excited to find earthling 3.0 and to share their ingenious grounding straps with you in this box. The erthe straps are made from a durable conductive material that were designed to work with your favorite shoe to provide a grounding benefit. You adhere the strap to your shoe with one end on the bottom, so it contacts the Earth, and the other end inside the shoe to contact the sole of your foot. You can still wear socks with the straps since the moisture your sock absorbs from your foot will help keep the material conductive. Some compelling research shows that grounding while exercising drastically reduces markers of muscle damage and inflammation to improve athletic performance and speed up recovery, but you don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to experience the benefits. They can help maximize your experience while forest-bathing and grounding have long been one of my favorite travel hacks for reducing jetlag. Since they work with any shoe, they can help keep you in an optimal state no matter what activity you’re doing and attire you’re wearing. Visit earthling3.com and use code “biohacked25” for 25% additional straps for you and your loved ones.


Dave Asprey Box 15My good friend, Robert Richman, was a Keynote Speaker at the 6th Annual Biohacking Conference. Robert is a world-renowned motivational speaker, author, and marketing consultant for many top Fortune 500 companies. He is most well-known for his role in innovating the game-changing employee culture at Zappos. Robbe is also the creator of the Xpill, which you’ll find in your box. Xpill was born at Burning Man back in 2010. In accordance with the gift-economy policy at the festival, Robbe shared a playful experiment with people that simulated the experience from the movie The Matrix that allowed them to choose the red pill (cinnamon Tic-Tacs) and commit to forging ahead with a new reality. People had such a profound experience that Robbe was bombarded with follow-up calls asking him to share the experience with their companies, clients, and patients, giving him a powerful new tool that has revolutionized his coaching practice. The Xpill is not a drug or supplement, but an experience. The Xpill contains no active ingredients and is, by definition, inert. It doesn’t have any measurable affect on your physiology by itself. However, the ritual of setting an intention and swallowing the pill can activate a physical and spiritual commitment, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The power of the Xpill comes from a mindset shift that can take place when you align with a goal and perform an action that can’t be taken back. Whether you’re trying to launch a new business, fulfill your dream of writing a novel, or just trying to lose weight to achieve that best version of yourself, the Xpill can help you unlock massive breakthroughs. In your box, you’ll find an Xpill in the activation chamber to get you started on your journey. Visit XPill.com/biohacker for instructions on the activation process and more info on how to work directly with Robert through his program.


Dave Asprey Box 15Carbon60 is quickly establishing itself as one of the most impactful discoveries of the 20th century. Also known as “buckminsterfullerene” as an ode to the brilliant mathematician, Buckminster Fuller, C60 is a molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms bound together in a highly-reactive cage formation that scavenges toxins and free radicals. The molecule is small enough to penetrate cell membranes and strands of DNA, making it an incredibly potent anti-inflammatory that works in every cell in the body. C360 Health’s patented Super60 formula binds C60 with carefully selected cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil to form a powerful “lipofullerene” that works wonders for both humans and pets. Their health solutions address both acute and chronic inflammation, and as you know, the immune-boosting properties of this compound are incredibly relevant right now. By eliminating inflammation, you’ll notice more energy, better workouts, faster recovery, less joint pain, and decreased muscle fatigue. You may also notice drastic improvements if you’re dealing with chronic skin, GI tract, or cardiovascular issues. Science is just scratching the surface with what this molecule can do to improve chronic diseases, so stay tuned as more research emerges in the coming years! Visit c360health.com to learn more and see the various formulas they have developed specifically for men, women, pets, and even for hair growth! Visit c360health.com and use code “BOX15” for an exclusive discount for our subscribers.

Aline Insoles

Modern shoes have not only disconnected us from the electrical potential of the Earth, but they have also robbed us of our natural foot function. We live in a world of flat surfaces and unnatural, man-made terrain that is convenient for fast travel and organized housing, but terrible for our movement biomechanics. You’ve likely seen that I wear five-finger shoes to get as close to barefoot walking as I can. As a larger-than-average person, I have struggled with pain and alignment issues throughout my life, and I have tried dozens of different shoes and orthotics to fix the problems, but to no avail. Aline insoles are the first footwear product I’ve found that work, and I actually cut the front of the insole off so that I can fit them in my five-finger shoes! Typical orthotic inserts are designed to provide cushion and comfort for your feet, but not only do they not address the root cause of foot dysfunction, misalignment, and pain, they cause additional instability that makes the problem worse. There are more than 100 bones, muscles, and joints in your feet that were designed to work together in response to dynamic surfaces. When you hinder the functioning of those components by putting your feet in a cushy box, it upsets the entire alignment of your body, and can result in foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and systemic joint pain in your ankles, knees, hip joints, and back. Aline Insoles enable barefoot functioning in any shoe so that you can move on any surface the way nature intended. The insoles restore natural movement and lower body alignment with over 100 support and suspension structures engineered to work with the physiological structures of your feet. Dynamic ribbing forms to the natural contour of your feet to help absorb, transmit, and reflect energy. The patented suspension zones create a foundation to align your hips, knees, and back while the shock absorption features distribute impact to provide a fluid transfer of energy with each step you take throughout your day. When you buy a pair of Aline’s, you’ll answer a series of questions to assess your lifestyle and activities to identify which insole will fit your personalized movement patterns. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is the ultimate movement hack, and I never leave home without them! Visit www.aline.com and use code “UPGRADE20” for 20% off Aline Insoles.

The Egoscue Method

Many people suffer from chronic pain, hindered mobility, and even sleep issues due to old injuries, hours of sitting (especially now), or simple postural imbalances. Whether you suffer from these ailments or not, I’d highly recommend you listen to my Bulletproof Radio interview with Brian Bradley from Egoscue. The Egoscue Method was created by Pete Egoscue in 1971 out of a personal need when he was critically injured in the Vietnam War. As one of the pioneers of postural therapy, his system combines postural therapy with technology to assess postural dysfunction and create a plan with personalized exercises to address imbalances, realign the body, and eliminate pain. It just works! Egoscue therapists worldwide work with clients to help them understand their bodies, identify potential sources of pain, and, most importantly, regain control of their physical and emotional lives by helping them live pain-free. Changing the belief around their pain from, “I’m broken…to…I’m just slightly bent,” frees up the emotional connection with pain. There are 30+ Egoscue Clinics around the world, and a significant part of their connectivity to clients is Digital Therapy/Assessments via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime for over 30 years, which has allowed them to continue to help people despite the rigorous Shelter in Place orders. The Egoscue team has offered to take a detailed look at every box subscriber with a free Digital Therapy posture / movement evaluation call. Their team will look at precisely what is going on with your posture, balance, gait, and overall movement and provide you with ideas for a way forward. Egoscue also works synergistically with Aline, and when you schedule your call, you will also have a chance to win a pair of free Aline insoles! Make sure to visit www.Egoscue.com/DaveAsprey to schedule your assessment with an Egoscue therapist!

Dave Asprey Perineum Sunning Kit

You may have seen the recent trend of Perineum Sunning making its way around the internet as the latest health hack. Allegedly, getting 30 seconds of sun “where the sun don’t shine” can give you an energy boost and increase Vitamin D production equivalent to being in the sun all day. I have cited studies that demonstrate testosterone boosts from sun exposure to the testes and that UV light can have a positive impact on your gut bacteria. Still, I have yet to find any scientific studies showing that getting sun on your butthole will lead to anything but a sunburn. The skin on your undercarriage is thin and very sensitive, so I recommend you be extremely careful if you are going to give this “ancient Taoist practice” a try. Sun exposure has some amazing benefits, especially if you can work in earthing as well, and I hope you’ve been able to get outside to enjoy the outdoors while you’ve been stuck at home. 

To keep things light and fun, we wanted to present you with this
Special Edition Dave Asprey Perineum Sunning Kit … that my kids helped me design.
Here’s how it works:
1. Strip down to your “bday suit” on a sunny day.
2. Put the printout down on the ground with the “SUN”
label pointing in the direction of the sun.
3. Lay on your back with your butt lined up with the
diagram of my behind (next page).
4. Raise your legs in the air and spread them apart.
5. Relax, take a selfie, and enjoy the sun

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