The first thing you may have noticed is that this box is a bit physically larger than the usual size. It has some high end stuff inside. The value of the items in this box if you were to buy them at retail value is over $220!

Let’s get into them:

This box contains a Samina Pillow.

High-quality sleep is one of the most proven ways to kick more ass every day. Samina is the “Bentley” of sleep systems and the bed that Dr. Lana and I use at home. All of their products are hand-crafted with toxin-free materials such as certified organic cotton and virgin sheep’s wool to ensure the best sleep possible. I use these cushions for comfort while I’m reading, lumbar support on the few occasions where I sit at a desk, and even on long international flights. I hope you’ll enjoy and recognize the quality of the craftsmanship on this pillow and use the generous discounts they’ve offered to you as a subscriber to upgrade your sleep environment!

Travelling away from home is no excuse to drink bad coffee. Take your good coffee with you and make real espresso shots wherever you are with the XpressGo single shot espresso maker (from Biohacked).  Team it up with some pre-ground Bulletproof coffee for an excellent beverage wherever you are (even if it’s just at home).

Bees and humans have one of the most mutually beneficial relationships in nature, and bee superfoods have been used for nourishment and benefits dating all the way back to the dawn of agriculture. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, prescribed propolis for everything from sores to bacterial infections due to its powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Propolis is the immune system of the beehive, and it works great for coughs, colds, as an anti-inflammatory and general immune system booster. Usually propolis products taste awful or are loaded with sugars and fillers, but BeeKeeper’s Naturals spray tastes great and is alcohol and sugar-free.   

Their company works hard to spread the message to #SavetheBees, so check out their site for more info about the cause and their other bee superfood products.

Essential oils are one of the fastest growing sectors of the health & wellness industry for a reason. As I laid out in a recent blog post, they can be powerful tools when used in the right way, and they have become an important aspect of the neurofeedback training we use at 40 Years of Zen. Just a few drops of this Energy Elixir on a few arteries around your head and neck can increase blood flow to your brain to help improve cognitive functioning and productivity. This serum contains a highly concentrated amount of active ingredients, so a little bit goes a long way! Who says you need a sugary drink for energy? FATwater provides clean hydrating energy and focus from the unique fats in Brain Octane Oil without any of the stimulants and sugar found in other drinks that will weigh you down.

But we don’t need to convince you, a lot of you are probably already drinking FATwater. However, I bet you haven’t had the mango flavor yet, because it’s new!

Here’s a bottle of the refreshing brand new Mango flavor for you to try! A few lucky subscribers will receive a golden ticket item. It’s not literally a golden ticket in your box — we draw the names of the winners from everyone who receives a box, on or around September 15th. If you’ve won we’ll let you know!

The September golden ticket items are:

Nima Sensor –

I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of the Nima Sensor for years, and am excited that they have finally launched their product. I’m also excited that Nima has partnered with us for this quarter’s Golden Ticket giveaway! The Nima allows you to easily test for allergens such as gluten in any food that you plan to eat so you can make an informed choice and ensure that something is truly allergen free. Around 35% of food products and restaurant dishes that are labeled gluten-free are being shown to contain trace amounts of gluten according to widespread testing by the Nima community. It’s an easy hack for peace of mind while you’re on the road to be able to test, and Nima plans on expanding to additional allergens with product updates in the near future. A few lucky subscribers will win a Nima Starter Kit, and they’ve offered a generous discount to all subscribers.

Teloyears –

Does your biological age tell the full story of your health on a cellular level? Back in 2009, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to a man that discovered that you can measure your true cellular age by measuring the length of the protective caps on the end of your DNA – your telomeres. You can use the Teloyears testing kit to measure just how quickly you are aging on a cellular level by checking your telomere length. Various lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on the vitality of your cells, but if you aren’t measuring it you can’t manage it. Teloyears is providing a Golden Ticket to a few lucky winners, and has also offered a discount for all subscribers so you can access this valuable piece of Quantified Self data and brag about your younger cellular age to your friends and family.

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