Unbox the Fall 2019 Biohacking Box with Dave Asprey

Focus and Relaxation


Kava is a root found in the South Pacific and it has been used for thousands of years during rituals and social gatherings because of it’s anxiolytic (stress-reducing), mood-boosting, and relaxation properties. Traditionally the drink was prepared with a tedious and time-consuming process of grinding the root into a paste or kneading a bag of ground powder into water, and it has an unpleasant earthy taste that makes the drink hard for many people to tolerate. The traditional methods are necessary to extract sufficient levels of the active compound, kavalactones, and many of the kava products found in health food stores use aggressive solvents and high temperatures during the extraction process that denature the kava, and also carry of risk of contamination by mold, industrial chemicals, and non-root fillers. Kavaplex is the market’s first and only true full-spectrum kava oil, grown and processed on South Pacific farms without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, and extracted using a proprietary high-pressure, low-heat extraction method. Each batch is independent lab-tested for safety and quality, and the oil is virtually indistinguishable from traditional kava. Drop a couple of drops directly under your tongue, or drop it into your Bulletproof Coffee as the Brain Octane helps aid absorption!

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AkuSpike Ball

Acupressure has been used for over 5000 years for healing and therapeutic treatments. Aku is the exclusive supplier of metal acupressure products in North America and their products provide an experience unlike any you’ve had before. Their spike balls and mats are made from high-grade metals that are naturally found in the body and cause a conductive ionic reaction when they come into contact with the skin. When the spikes

are pressed against the body you will feel a natural warming sensation as your circulation increases. This healing reaction releases endorphins, relaxes muscles, soothes aches and pains, and reduces stress and anxiety. The Aku ball in your box is small, light, and can access hard-to-reach places anywhere on your body for easy and instant relief. It can be a bit painful and intense at first, but often-times a little pain can lead to significant growth. I was excited to find this brand close to my home in Canada, and I think you’ll be blown away by the experience and relief you’ll feel while using it.

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Equanimity from Alpha Dynamics Health

Ancient Eastern Medicine texts list Reishi mushrooms as the most valuable of all medicinal herbs. While this powerhouse herb has a long history of use in China, the Western world has just recently come around to recognizing the effectiveness of these kinds of adaptogens. Reishi imparts a multitude of benefits, including increased levels of awareness, calm, flow, and a feeling of zen and optimal well-being.

Alpha Dynamics Health launched there company at the Bulletproof Conference back in 2017, and I am excited to feature one of their products in this box! Equanimity is like Reishi Mushroom on rocket fuel as a highly concentrated form of Reishi spore oil. It takes approximately 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of Reishi fruiting body to produce enough spore oil to make one single Equanimity capsule, making it extremely potent, and it has been described as the happier cousin of CBD by some. You will likely notice things like higher quality sleep, improved immune system functioning, and better stress management while taking these capsules.

Check out their other high-quality adaptogenic mushroom products, and use code BIOHACKED for 20% off at alphadynamicshealth.com, good through Jan 31st, 2020

Bliss from Slenderella Lounge

Slenderella is a line of products created by MSW Lounge, a holistic clinic down in Austin that specializes in hormone and detox therapies. They’ve run nutrient injectable pop-ups at some of the biggest wellness events in the US, including Paleo f(x) and South by Southwest. I’m excited to include their Bliss product because it can help both your cells AND your mood. Bliss contains SAM-e, the body’s universal methyl donor, along with a compound called TMG to promote increased energy, stimulate liver detox, and aid with neurotransmitter production, Drop the citrusy powder under your tongue and hold it there for about 30 seconds. These compounds will help spike both serotonin and dopamine levels so you’ll be smiling and feeling good by the time it dissolves. Check out the rest of their supplement line and if you’re ever in the Austin area, I highly

recommend you stop in their clinic to get an IV and cocktail from their vitamin bar.

Use code “BP20” for 20% off an order on their website, slenderellausa.com


Gabriella 2Sleep Track from Wholetones

Sleep ranks highly as one of the top things you can hack to increase your performance in all areas of life. Wholetones has created a clinically proven solution that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling more refreshed. Wholetones 2Sleep features specially tuned frequencies combined with calming music to help you relax and sleep better with no side effects and no drugs or pills required. In clinical studies utilizing 2Sleep music tracks, 100% of participants reported improvements in at least one area of sleep quality compared to the control group. 66% fell asleep faster, 61% slept longer, 58% reported waking up less frequently, and 69% had improved Integrated Sleep Recovery, a measure of restful sleep patterns and efficiency. The benefits extended beyond actual sleep, as 79% reported waking up happier and 66% reported reduced stress levels overall. They have engineered other music products that utilize ancient healing frequencies, so check out their site for other soothing and relaxing tracks.

Wholetones has provided a free track from their collection for you to experience. Go to wholetones.com/biohacked to download your free Gabriella track to listen to before and during sleep.

Mindful Marks from LumenKind

Lumenkind is a small business that creates wearable reminders to help focus your intentions. Mindful Marks are temporary tattoos that help to increase mindfulness and present-moment awareness. The ability to harness your focus and intention in the moment is a very powerful asset for personal growth. You can use these marks as a tool with your meditation practice, or simply use them as a reminder of a specific aim or desire. The different mark designs represent different suggested intentions, but you can feel free to set your own intention with the various marks and to make these your own. The marks will fade on their own after a few days, naturally queuing you to refresh and renew your focus, or set a new one. I’ve had fun using the various marks to set different intentions and I think you’ll enjoy the process as well!

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Zen Float Tank from Zen Float Co

As a Biohacker, you have likely heard of or even dabbled with float tanks and sensory deprivation therapy. The aim of floating is to shut off all sensory input to create a sense of nothingness for your mind and body. It’s like taking a time out from the busyness and distractions of daily life to achieve a state of deep relaxation. There are many benefits, including athletic recovery and pain relief, more effective meditation and mindfulness, increased focus and clear thinking, therapeutic processing, and if nothing else an escape from the overwhelming amount of stimulation we are surrounded by every day.

Zen Float Co launched in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter campaign with the intention of making the world’s first affordable home float solution. While float centers have popped up in many cities with the rising popularity of the therapy, nothing beats being able to do something in the comfort of your own home. Their float tents utilize the same types of materials and cross-stitch construction used to create inflatable paddle boards and kayaks, and they are designed to deliver the same sensory isolation experience that you get in a float facility. They also have a “Feels Like Floating” Kit if you’re interested in trying the float experience but not ready to try it at a spa or commit to purchasing a tank for your home.

Use code BIOHACKED at checkout on zenfloatco.com for 10% off any Zen Float Tank package or Zen’s Feels like Floating kit

*Subject to availability while supplies last. Limit one discount per customer. Offer expires November 15th, 2019

Rapid Release

Rapid Release makes high-speed vibration therapy devices that target muscles and connective tissue at a frequency known to trigger highly beneficial physical and neurological effects. The vibration can provide quick relief for aches and pains while also increasing your ease of movement. This is a powerful class 1 medical device designed for professional use by doctors and physical therapists, but that is easy and convenient enough for personal use at home. The industrial strength design was built to withstand heavy-duty use by massage therapists and treatment specialists with professional athletes, and the multiple treatment heads provide a wide range of safe and dynamic options to treat everything from large muscles like glutes and quads, down to the tiniest muscles in your jaw. If you’ve ever struggled with back pain, are a fitness enthusiast, or end up sitting for long periods at work or while traveling, you will love these therapeutic devices.

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