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Want to get awesome stuff from awesome companies like these delivered to your door every three months?  Sign up for the Biohacked Box and we will deliver them.  We scour the Earth to find the best products and gets the best deal.  Each one is different and includes as much variety as we can fit into the boxRestore is easily added to your daily health plan to balance gut health, combat environmental exposures, promote immune function, and enhance mental clarity. RESTORE is proudly made in the USA.

We use NAD every day for basic functions like sleeping, breathing, eating, and drinking. But our NAD levels decline over time and under stress which contributes to changes in health. Tru Niagen increases your NAD, every time you take it.

Featured in the Biohacked Spring 2019 box.  

Designed For Performance– This product was designed from the ground up to make you perform at your best. Full of healthy fats which help promote healthy hormone production and make you perform at your peak.

Superior Taste – Your body will reward your taste buds because this is the food it has been craving- nutritionally, dense healthy fats. Junk food tries to mimic the buttery taste of nature, but nature does it better.

Just 4 Ingredients – Macadamia Nuts, Coconut, Cashews, and Himalayan Sea Salt…that’s all!

One of most popular Biohacked Box items. Featured in our Autumn 2018 Biohacked Box.

Years ago, Bulletproof Radio guest and friend Kelly Starrett shared with me that “crushing your guts” before bed kicks in a parasympathetic relaxation response. Kelly recommended rolling around on this inflatable ball called the Coregeous Ball for 5-10 minutes before bed to stimulate a deep feeling of relaxation and prime your body for amazing sleep. Movement pioneer and founder of TuneUp Fitness, Jill Miller, has trained thousands of clients, educators, clinicians and trainers how to utilize self-care fitness and yoga to improve movement, proprioception, and performance. Jill’s line of products through TuneUp Fitness, including the Coregeous Ball, are designed to help you improve stability and range-of-motion, and to eliminate pain. I love that this ball can deflate for easy traveling and I highly recommend that you give Kelly’s gut-crush move a try before bed tonight!

Check out their other great items.

EMFs and radiation from smart electronic devices are becoming a huge issue around the home, with few solutions for protecting yourself and your family. I was excited to find this tiny company that produces Faraday Cages for Wifi Routers and Smart Meters, and to be able to include this in the box for you. Faraday Cages are named for the English scientist that invented them in 1836, and this simple technology shields you from the radiation emissions from your router without blocking the WiFi signal. You can also put one by your bed for your phone at night to keep the EMFs from disrupting your sleep.

Featured in our Winter 2018 Biohacked Box.

The desire for whiter teeth has led many people to use whitening strips that contain toxic chemicals, including the same stuff that are found in commercial floor cleaners. My good friend Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics has a non-toxic solution with this whitening system that utilizes activated charcoal gel and light therapy without the use of peroxide and other bleaching agents. The whitening system plugs directly into your phone so you can use it while on the go, and it gets the job done in about 10 minutes per day. Trina is one of the foremost experts on holistic skincare, and I use many products from the Primal Life Organics line in my daily hygiene regimen.

Be sure to check out their other great products.[vc_column_text]Paleo Valley stands apart from other meat stick companies because they use Old World fermentation to preserve their sausages instead of using encapsulated citric acid or other artificial preservatives. They use a slow cooking method of hanging their sausages in a cold smoker at lower temperatures, which can take 4 times longer to cook but results in sausages packed with amazing flavor and gut-healing probiotics. They use organic spices and zero sugar, and this kind of quality is truly rare to find.

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Featured in a previous Biohacked Box these cleaning products are great for the Earth and great to use.

Our multi-purpose Concentrate makes cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable. Given our products are refillable, they’re significantly less expensive than similar single-use products. Simply dilute The Concentrate with water, and you’ll be ready to tackle any cleaning job around the house, even your dirty laundry. Happy Cleaning!

BiOptimizers, one of the platinum level exhibitors at the Biohacking Conference, creates cutting edge supplements for fixing digestion. The upgraded digestion kit in your box combines their 3 most powerful supplements to optimize your gut so you can assimilate the maximum amount of nutrients from your food. Masszymes is the strongest digestive enzyme formula that’s commercially available, with 5 different types of protease and a patented plant-based delivery system. P3OM boosts the presence of L-Plantarum, one of the most studied strains of probiotics. It both aids digestion and increases the immune system boosting capabilities of your microbiome. HCL Breakthrough contains a beet-derived form of betaine HCL to increase stomach acid and maximize digestion of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. This is a serious gut upgrade package and you should notice a difference within days of taking these supplements.

Featured in the Summer 2019 Box that is shipping now.  Sign up for the Biohacked Box subscription to get yours.

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“Alitura” is Latin for “Feeding and Nourishing”. Alitura Naturals uses natural, non-GMO and chemical free ingredients that come directly from the Earth to help your skin glow and radiate health. Keep your skin clear and healthy!

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This filterless air purifier quietly and effectively reduces up to 99% of allergens, odors, mold, mycotoxins, VOCs, and germs. It uses NASA developed AHPCO technology and Bi-Polar ionization to breakdown pollutants on a molecular level.

Featured in the Biohacked Spring 2019 box.

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