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Neurominer training does more than exercise and reinforce the state of relaxed creativity. It also teaches your mind to be aware enough to recall those brilliant insights that are uncovered when your mind wanders. You can actually train your brain to improve creativity and recall!

The Neurominer algorithm, combined with custom Holosync® audio tracks, is designed to teach your mind how to access and remember important thoughts and concepts that form the bedrock of great ideas. lightbulbThese are part of your thinking processes already, but are buried just below the surface of you conscious. By delving into your subconscious, you can use your intuition to develop your deeply creative thoughts, then recall and remember your ideas and concepts in your awake and productive state.

To get started, all that’s required is your Neurominer subscription, headphones and a dark, quiet place (or a sleep mask). There are three levels of training:

Choose a training level
Choose a training level
  1. Creatorwhere you work on training your focus while your brain is in the Alpha state
  2. Visionary is the next level, where you are challenged more deeply as you work on recall with your brainwaves in the Theta state
  3. Dreamer is the third, final and hardest level, where you work on focus and recall while your brain is being pushed into the Delta state

Each level helps you improve memory and recall based on the depth of your brain waves in each session. This training will show you that even when you’re putting maximum effort into thinking and remembering…your brain is a powerful tool that can (and will) wander off. You’re going to learn to catch it in the act and find out what wonderful things it is thinking about when you aren’t paying attention.

How it works

You’ll put your headphones on, access Neurominer through your Biohacked.com account, choose your training level, hit “start” and close your eyes. Now you’re going hear audio tracks, custom created by Holosync founder Bill Harris, that push your brain toward these different states of consciousness. We’ve combined this unique audio with our algorithm designed to teach you how to train yourself to remember ideas and thoughts that happen when you aren’t paying attention. For the next 15-30 minutes, your only job is to count the beeps while listening to calming audio tracks. Once the training session is over, the audio will end, you’ll open your eyes and enter the total number of beeps you counted. That will be compared to the actual beeps, so you’ll know how long you focused.

Instructions: Ready to Start
Instructions: Ready to Start

Each level of Neurominer training is tracked and charted in your Biohacked account so you can watch your progress and you can hack your brain. Find out when you are more creative- in the morning or evening? After eating or before? There are an endless number of ways you can find out what works best for you!

As your recall goes up, even as you are listening to audio tracks that are pushing your brain in another direction, you’ll see it on your charts! We have also had the audio tested at 40 Years of Zen to see the brain waves move into the states of consciousness in each of the 3 levels.

 How long does it take to start working? 

Most people have a very hard time, especially in the first few sessions. You probably won’t complete the counts in your Neurominer training every time.imageedit_5_4871172092

The goal is not to always get the number right, although you’ll be able to do that after about 30 days of training. The goal is to go through the process of forgetting, and then forcing yourself to remember. Forgetting, and then remembering. It’s that stress of forgetting and then remembering that causes your brain to build the new connections that allow you to have a thread of attention at your disposal, even when you’re in passive-mode activities like creativity and intuition.

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