Limited Edition Upgrade Box

Dave curated this box just for the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference. It’s packed with innovative tools designed to help you heal and fuel your body from the inside-out, and it’s the biggest box we’ve ever put together — valued at over $500!



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Limited Edition Boxes sell out fast, so we strongly encourage you to reserve yours ahead of the conference. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Bonus: Dave will be doing an unboxing video to follow along with, as he explains how to utilize each product for maximum benefit.

Bstrong BFR Leg Bands

If you’re a Dave Asprey Box subscriber, you may already be familiar with B STRONG’s game-changing Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) technology. A previous box included a B STRONG Training System with a set of arm bands. This Limited-Edition box includes a B Strong BFR Training System set of leg bands. If you received the previous kit, this gives you a complete set of bands for a full-body workout. If you’re new to BFR training, this leg band kit will equip you with one of the most impactful fitness hacks I’ve ever encountered! BFR training is a secret weapon that many well-known actors and high-level athletes, including many of the competitors at this year’s Olympic Games, use to get an edge.

Leela Quantum H.E.A.L. Capsule

This capsule is charged with quantum energy that creates a positive and supportive frequency field, extending up to 2-3 meters around the wearer. This quantum energy field neutralizes EMFs and negative energies while activating and supporting the body’s self-healing mechanisms. You can wear the H.E.A.L. Capsule like a piece of jewelry around your neck or carry it with you in a pocket. You should wear it close to the body for optimal effect. Due to its additional energizing effect it’s recommended to only wear it during the day, unless you remove the titanium spheres for the night.

Butyrate by BodyBio

Butyrate is what you’d call a “post-biotic”. It’s a short-chain fatty acid that your gut bacteria produce that feeds the cells of your colon, keeping your digestive system happy and running smoothly. Butyrate is an important fuel for a healthy gut. It improves gut function, supports a healthy inflammation response, and even plays an interesting role in signaling your body’s immune response. Butyrate helps burn fat and suppress the desire to overeat. It promotes a healthy gut microbiome and cleans the liver and gallbladder.

Qualia Immune from Neurohacker

This patent-pending Immune formula contains 19 clinically researched compounds that train your immune system to be smarter and respond better to challenges. It’s a potent cocktail of rare, premium ingredients that supports your innate and adaptive immune cells across your entire body, from your gut to your brain. The seaweed extracts and adaptogens in Qualia Immune support immune cell self-renewal and promote fitter and more active immune cells. The special blend of herbs and extracts also promotes immune tolerance, helping to balance over-reactive immune cells for more appropriate histamine and mast cell response. The formula also supports digestive and respiratory tract health, upgrading your gut microflora and boosting your natural barrier immunity.

Akuspike Aku Bracelet

Akuspike produces the highest-quality reflexology and acupressure products on the market. The Aku Bracelet is designed to relieve pain in your wrists and hands. Perfect for anyone that works with their hands, the copper acupressure bracelet is made of tiny triangular shaped spikes that stimulate the Pericardium-6 (P-6) acupressure point on the wrist. Stimulating the P-6 has been shown to immediately reduce tension and even effectively eliminate feelings of nausea. Sliding the bracelet up and down the wrist applies pressure to the P-6, quickly relieves pain, and increases blood flow to the hands and wrist.

FeelZing Energy Patch

The FeelZing patch utilizes a special high-frequency and high-amplitude waveform to comfortably adjust neural activity and create an optimal state of balance between these two systems. You apply the patch just behind your ear on your mastoid, an area that contains important nerve connections for the greater auricular and lesser occipital nerves to adjust the sympathetic nervous system, and auricular vagus nerve to tune the parasympathetic nervous system.

Therapy Ball PLUS Pair from Tune Up Fitness®

Whether you’re looking to recover from a workout or trying to keep things in good working order while traveling, a myofascial release ball for self-massage is an essential part of your toolkit. Your box includes a small tote containing a Therapy Ball PLUS Pair from Tune Up Fitness® that is perfect for self-myofascial release and fine trigger point tissue work. The balls are made from a special rubber with extra grip that helps mobilize fascial adhesions, eliminate tension and give you an exceptional massage. The mesh tote is custom designed to securely hold the pair together to use for spine rolls, kneading into your glutes, thighs, neck and other places that consistently stiffen up. Or you can take the Therapy balls out of the tote and use them individually to work on hard-to-reach places.

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