Spring 2021 | Fast This Way

Spring 2021 | Fast This Way

This season’s box coincides with the release of Dave Asprey’s new book, Fast This Way. Research shows that fasting helps reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce your risk of diabetes. What’s missing from the fasting conversation is how to actually do it effectively. Whether you’re brand new to the world of fasting, or if you’ve have had trouble making it work for you in the past, this box is jam-packed with techniques to make the fasting experience easier, more effective, and enjoyable so that you can take your biohacking to the next level! 


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Fast This Way Book by dave asprey

Fasting is one of the most proven methods we know to live longer, heal inflammation, increase energy, and maximize your mindfulness. Whether you are new to this practice, have been curious for a while, or just want a refresher on how to fast effectively, this book will provide you with key insights and guidance on how to make fasting work for you.

Keto-Mojo starter kit

This kit features Keto-Mojo's brand new GK+ Meter, which is an FDA-approved Class II Medical Device that measures both blood glucose and ketones. The GK+ connects to the HIPAA-compliant Keto-Mojo app and My Mojo Health Cloud connector, which enables you to track and store your data as well as link your favorite tracking apps to track your glucose and ketone readings together with other vital health metrics.

spermidineLIFE supplements by longevity labs

This is the world’s first nutritional supplement rich in spermidine to support and trigger autophagy -- the body's natural process of cellular renewal. This mechanism produces many of the same benefits as intermittent fasting by cleaning your cells of toxic waste material. Using spermidineLIFE supplements while fasting may help push your results even further!

Relaxator by conscious breathing

Relaxed, rhythmic breathing helps you control your nervous system by stimulating your vagus nerve and putting you in a parasympathetic state. This convenient tool retrains your breathing habits which can help regulate CO2 and nitric oxide levels, balance blood pH, reduce stress, increase energy, provide better sleep, and can even boost your sex drive.

coconut charcoal by bulletproof 360

Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal is made from 100% coconut shells which are ground into an ultra-fine powder to give it the greatest surface area for binding toxins. This compound is not only edible; it also promotes fat burning and can improve intestinal health.

golden ticket


The Somavedic creates a coherent field that extends roughly 100 feet in all directions to neutralize free radicals, eliminate harmful pathogens and mold, and protect against the harmful effects of EMFs, electrosmog, and Geopathic Zones. With its sleek design, it also makes for a beautiful display in your home!

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