Fall 2021 | Nighttime Essentials

Fall 2021 | Nighttime Essentials

Magical things happen at NIGHT. Many vital processes take place throughout your entire body while you sleep. New memories and information are integrated into your cognition. Your muscles and nervous system repair themselves from the previous day’s activities. Your body and brain remove the toxins you’ve absorbed from the food and the environment around you. It’s essential to get ample amounts of deep, restorative sleep in order to look, feel, and perform at your best. This edition of the Dave Asprey Box is filled with items that help support those vital NIGHT processes so that you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!


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enVy Copper Pillow Slip

The enVy™ slip is made of a sustainable botanic fabric called TENCEL™, and unlike woven copper fabrics that have untreated gaps that can leave you vulnerable to nasty pathogens, the enVy™ slips offers 100% Copper coverage throughout the entire matrix of the fabric. The fabrics are durable, and lab tests have proven that the copper infusion is effective even after 100 home washings. And since their Copper technology has a ‘Halo Effect’ that transfers through other fabrics, you can use these slips under any pillowcase and still experience the benefits. 

Magnesium Breakthrough by BiOptimizers

 There are over 600 biochemical reactions in your body that use Mg. It’s an essential nutrient for you to function optimally. Even people that supplement with Mg usually are only taking 1-2 forms, but what makes BiOptimizers™ Magnesium Breakthrough unique is that is contains all 7 natural forms of bioavailable Mg. Possible benefits include: better sleep, boosted heart health and immune system, stronger bones, less stress, and faster recovery from exercise. 


This unique lip tape doesn’t cover the mouth. Instead, it uses light elastic tension to trigger a neurological response in the muscles of the face. Made from cotton with a hypoallergenic glue, the soft, stretchy material surrounds the mouth and gently “reminds” you to close your mouth, teaching your brain to switch to nasal breathing while you sleep. Your box contains a pack with 90 MYOTAPE strips. Use the tape while sleeping, during exercise, or any time during the day. Re-train your breathing patterns, safely restore functional, full-time nose breathing, and experience the difference in your sleep, energy, exercise performance and overall well-being. 

Atomic Focus 

In this book, Patrick McKeown -- one of the world’s leading breathing re-education experts -- explores why the vital art of concentration is often neglected or misunderstood. He shares simple, practical tools to hack the nervous system, fire up your genius brain, amplify your intuition, and accelerate your success. Patrick redefines Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for the modern age, identifying the foundational issues that create friction at work, in performance, in relationships and life. And he teaches simple methods to access flow states and reach beyond your current limitations, into the realms of pure possibility. 

Mute™ by Rhinomed 

This nasal dilation device is engineered to gently open your nasal passages, increasing airflow while you sleep. The product is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use. One clinical study has shown that Mute™ increases nasal airflow by an average of 38% while another study has shown that Mute reduces snoring severity in over 75% of couples tested. 

Oxy Powder by Global Healing  

Oxy-Powder uses the power of oxygen to safely give your digestive tract a tune-up. You take Oxy-Powder right before bed, and it releases oxygen overnight to gently cleanse your intestinal tract, melting and flushing away impurities while you sleep. This deep cleaning detoxifies your entire digestive system, helping to normalize your bowel movements and maximize nutrient absorption. There are no stimulants, harsh herbs, or synthetic chemicals that can cause issues such as dependency or electrolyte imbalances. 

Voodoo Floss Band by The Ready State 

This band is a long thin strip of natural latex rubber that can help to improve range of motion, restore joint mechanics, and revitalize previously injured tissues. You use it for “flossing” and to create compression to force swelling out of joints and to re-perfuse tissues that have gone stiff. You can use the bands while performing specific movements you are working on to restore tissue mobilization. These bands are great to use during your warm up before exercise, or during dedicated recovery sessions. Doing some tissue work in the evenings to increase circulation before that restorative sleep can help to accelerate the healing process. The bands are small and light so you can toss them in your gym bag, and they travel well to use while on the road. When you get the Fall 2021 Box, you’ll also get a 30-day trial membership to The Ready State Virtual Mobility Coach. 


OOLER® ME Sleep System by chilisleep 

Sleeping with a ChiliSleep unit is like hooking up an air conditioning or heating unit to your bed so you can control the temperature. The bed pads fit over any mattress and you can control the temperature from a cool 55ºF all the way up to 115º, allowing you to choose the most efficient and optimal temperature sleep for you. Their systems can be personalized for one side of the bed, or both sides if you share with a partner or spouse. The OOLER® even pairs with an app that allows you to create a schedule of variable temperatures throughout the night. One lucky winner will win an OOLER® ME Sleep System. 


chiliBLANKET™ + Chilipad® Cube by chilisleep 

The new chiliBLANKET™ is a hydro-capable cooling weighted blanket that pairs with the OOLER® and Cube control systems. At 15lbs, the blanket provides that gravity therapy experience while delivering Chili’s patented temperature regulation technologies. Whether you use it to supplement your bedding or in your common sitting areas around the house, the chiliBLANKET™ is perfect for cooling down on hot summer days, or getting toasty on cold winter nights. One lucky winner will win the new chiliBLANKET™ + Chilipad® Cube. 


Essentia Mattress 

Essentia’s patented foam excels at supporting your body’s natural thermal regulation during sleep. It is designed to help eliminate negative space and support spinal alignment while also offering sufficient pressure relief to increase blood circulation. One winner will receive an Essentia Dormeuse Mattress! 

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