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In 2022, our focus is to keep sharing brands that elevate what it means to be a human by pushing the boundaries of science, technology, personal development, and human PERFORMANCE. **** Please note, due to expiration dates of product, some substitutions may be made. Thank you for your understanding.


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Waff Classic Mini

The Waff is a simple but powerful balance training tool that can  help you improve your fitness,  mobility, mindfulness, and  longevity. What makes the Waff unique is the patent-pending  core that provides a hybrid  surface that is stable but requires  you to be reactive at the same time. It challenges you to  form a stronger sensory  connection between your brain and body. Every time you use it,  you’re harnessing the power of  neuroplasticity to create new,  stronger neural connections so  that your brain and body communicate better.

When you exercise with it, it stimulates more muscular activation by recruiting  additional stabilizer muscles. If you stand on it, it forces you to improve your sensory awareness, coordination, body  control, and balance. If you use it with your standing desk or sit on  it in your office chair, it  automatically corrects your  posture by engaging muscles to  counteract small  micromovements due to the  instability. Waff Classic Minis are  made from durable phthalate- free PVC and are strong enough  to easily support up to 250 lbs.  The Mini in your box is the most  convenient and portable size,  but they also have larger  Medium and Max sizes as well. The Max size can even give you nearly all the benefits of a float  tank at home with just a fraction of the hassle and cost. 

Be sure to download the free Waff training app and visit the  training academy at for exercises and instructions on how to use your Waff.

pH Balanced Alkaline
Structured Silver

In your box, you’ll find a bottle of Ameo Life Alkaline Structured  Silver. This solution contains an  advanced form of silver that is  embedded into structured water molecules. Silver is a powerful  antimicrobial and has a rich  history of use to combat bad  bacteria, mold, fungi, and yeast  in the body.

Bonding the silver with structured water maximizes the  bioavailability and ensures that  it can be delivered throughout  the entire body. Silver molecules  emulate antibacterial blue light  inside the body. Silver maintains  its structure as it circulates around the body, stealing  electrons from harmful  pathogens. Silver is smart and  can differentiate between good  and bad bacteria, and it  selectively targets the bad ones.  It naturally complements and  works in harmony with your  immune system without any  adverse effects.

Bad bacteria tend to thrive in  acidic environments. The  pH- balanced silver formula helps to  create an alkaline and aerobic-positive environment rich with oxygen, which helps to combat  bad bacteria and promote  the growth of healthy bacteria. It supports a healthy digestive system and will naturally cleanse the gut and break down biofilms without adding any additional stress to your system. The silver solution is safe to take every day, and the bonding process ensures that the silver will never fall out of suspension.

Ameo Life products are third-party lab-tested to ensure quality and efficacy. Make sure to check out their site at to  explore their other products to  see where else you can utilize the powerful benefits of silver.

Akkermansia from Pendulum

Even if you’re new to biohacking, you’ve likely heard about how  important the gut microbiome is for your overall health and  PERFORMANCE. Every day we are learning more about how your  gut forms the foundation not just for digestion but also for  immune response,  inflammation, and metabolism.  Seeding your gut garden with the right bacterial strains can have a  significant impact on how you  deal with the environment  around you.

In your box, you’ll find a bottle of Akkermansia from Pendulum.  Pendulum is disrupting the  probiotics industry with next- generation strains, and I’ve  interviewed Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe  twice on the Human Upgrade  podcast (episodes #767 and  #881).

Akkermansia is a strain of bacteria found in your  gastrointestinal tract. Research  shows that it is a keystone strain  for gut health because it helps to regulate the mucus lining in your gut. This lining acts like a fence as the first line of defense against  bad bacteria and toxins.  Akkermansia helps to maintain  and rebuild the gut lining to keep your defenses strong.

Akkermansia has been featured in over 1000 research  publications, but Pendulum  holds a patent on this unique train, and their probiotics are the only place you’ll find this beneficial microbe. The only  things you’ll find in the capsules are the Akkermansia muciniphila strain and chicory inulin, a  soluble fiber for them to feed on.  Pendulum also makes a special  glucose Control probiotic that  as formulated to help manage Type II Diabetes and helps control blood sugar response.

Pendulum's probiotics are a game-changer for improving  your gut health, and I'm excited  to share this bottle with you!

Vitamin D3 Testing Kit by Knowing Labs

In your box, you’ll find a Vitamin D Testing Kit from Knowing Labs. I recently interviewed the founder of Knowing Labs, Dolce Conde, on the Human Upgrade podcast, and I encourage you to  listen to the episode. Having  enough Vitamin D is important - it makes you harder to kill.  Vitamin D is necessary for  hundreds of processes in your  body that affect everything from fat metabolism to sugar  metabolism to immunity.  Evidence shows that managing  Vitamin D levels is a cost- effective way to lower the amount of time that people are  sick from degenerative, chronic,  and infectious diseases.

Because of genetic differences, each person requires a different  amount of Vitamin D. Having  levels between 70 and 90 is  associated with lower all-cause  mortality. However, as many as  75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D. The only way to know  if you have enough is with proper lab testing. When you know  better, you can do better. Please  use this test to determine if you are taking enough Vitamin D to  get your score to the most protective level!

As a valued subscriber to the box, you get to be one of the first to know about our new  supplement and lab testing  company, Suppgrade Labs.  These testing kits will be  powered by our partners at  Knowing Labs, so keep an eye  out on new products as they release.

We work with Knowing Labs because they are a single-location boutique lab testing  company. When you ship your  tests to them, you are shipping  them directly to the lab. Most  testing companies farm their testing out to a random selection of labs all over the country,  adding costs to the process. One  of my goals is to make it more  affordable to take control of your own biology, and working with companies like Knowing Labs  helps accomplish that goal. 

Superfood Chips from Uprising Foods

Believe it or not, there are times when fasting isn’t convenient, and it doesn’t make you a bad person if you want a snack. But clean snacks are still hard to come by. So any time I find a company that makes snacks, I would be willing to let my kids eat (that actually taste great); it’s worth sharing.

In your box, you’ll find Superfood Chips from Uprising Foods. These chips taste like sourdough, have clean ingredients, and the company’s founders have a great
mission. This is the kind of company I like to support.

On top of tasting great, these  chips are low-carb for people  who are looking for Keto-friendly snacks. They are made without gluten, dairy, preservatives, and added sugars. And best of all, they are formulated to improve gut health. Each serving of chips is packed with 9g of activated psyllium, a prebiotic fiber that acts as food for your good gut bacteria. Psyllium husk has been linked to improved digestive health, appetite control, and more stable blood sugar levels.

It’s rare to find a food that tastes this good and has these kinds of  health benefits, but Uprising's superfood chips certainly fit the bill.

Uprising currently offers three tasty flavors: Rye, Sea Salt, and Sea Salt & Vinegar. If you enjoy the chips, you may want to check out their Sourdough Bread Cubes as well!

Make sure to visit their website at to learn more or place an order.

Home Biotic Nano Sponge & Surface Cleaner Concentrate

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve likely heard about my battle with mold illness and know about my passion for effective and green cleaning solutions. Modern mass- produced cleaning products are  packed with synthetic toxic  chemicals that can be harmful to  humans, damage our planet’s  ecosystems, and strip your home of the beneficial bacteria that compete with mold and unwanted microbes.

In your box, you’ll find a package of the two newest product offerings from Homebiotic, the  Nano Sponge and Surface Cleaner. Homebiotic uses simple, non-toxic ingredients that clean  your home without damaging your home’s natural microbiome.

A study by German researchers in 2017 revealed that the common kitchen sponge harbors 362  different types of bacteria. If  you’re using a traditional  cellulose kitchen sponge, you are likely spreading potentially harmful microbes all over your  dishes and counters with every swipe. GROSS. The Homebiotic Nano Sponge is layered with nano capture technology that traps bacteria within the sponge, so you aren’t spreading them all over your home. It features a smooth nanofoam layer for cleaning mold, dirt, and grime, as well as a coarse layer for scrubbing stubborn stains. The sponge is made from BPA free melamine and works great in tandem with the Surface Cleaner.

The Surface Cleaner tabs contain a powerful, nontoxic combination of washing sodas and citric acid. They can be mixed with warm water for use in any spray bottle. The tabs don’t contain the sulfates that most cleaners use to make them effervescent and bubbly, but the citric acid concentrate is perfect for eliminating mold, grime, and mildew. The tabs are also packaged in biodegradable Kraft paper and offer a more sustainable shipping footprint
since you aren’t paying to ship water and there’s no plastic bottle that could potentially end up in a landfill.

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