Winter 2021 | Restore Your Body

In our last box of 2021, we wanted to bring you some items designed to restore your sense of calm, healing, and connectedness with others. Some of these great contributions are there to help provide pain relief and restore physical body functions, while others are there to help relieve stress. As always, we’ve partnered with some incredible brands for our Golden Ticket giveaways that feature generous offers on powerful restorative technologies. Thank you for subscribing to the Dave Asprey Box, and I wish you the Merriest of Holiday Seasons!


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GRPS Cupping Kit by GameOn® Gear

When you apply the cup, it creates suction that pulls the skin upward, gently spreading the fascia, the dense layer of connective tissue under your skin that covers your entire body. Blood is drawn to the treatment area to help deliver beneficial nutrients and carry away toxins, accelerating the healing process. Cupping can be instrumental in injury prevention and boosting your recovery after workouts. Just five minutes of cupping can be as effective as long sessions of deep tissue massage.

The cupping kit in your box is a limited-edition set custom-made for you with Dave Asprey Box colors. It features two different styles of cups. The innovative
GRPS Cups feature an innovative patented octagon shape 'plunger' or 'joystick' style design great for easy manipulation for static and dynamic cupping techniques. The JOLT cups are a fantastic option for joints,
trigger points, and feet.

All the cups are made from non-reactive food-grade silicone free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex, and other fillers. They are durable and easy to carry in your gym bag or when traveling. Cupping is a powerful therapy
to be able to use at home, and I am excited for you to try it for yourself.

Make sure to take some time to visit the GameOn® website at to view their entire product line of recovery gear.

TroCalm from Troscriptions

The newest offering from our friends at Troscriptions. TroCalm is a precision-dosed, pharmaceutical grade, and physician formulated troche carefully crafted with four calming ingredients, including Kava Kava, CBD, CBG, and nicotinyl-GABA, a novel combination of niacin (Vitamin B3) and the neurotransmitter
GABA. These compounds can help relax you, quiet your mind, and melt away stress. Whether you're looking to fight anxiety, sleep better, or unwind after a stressful day, these troches are a potent tool that can help take
the edge off.

Mitopure™ Softgels from Timeline Nutrition

In your box, you'll find a package of  Mitopure™ Softgels. Mitopure™ contains a unique compound called Urolithin A, which can be found in small amounts in foods such as pomegranates. Not only is Urolithin A hard to find in readily available food sources, but you also need a very specific and rare gut microbiome in order to make it naturally in meaningful amounts.

I'm one of those unfortunate people who can't convert it naturally. Because quality of energy production ranks right at the top of my list of things that are important, I've made Mitopure™ a part of my daily routine. Mitopure™ is the first pure form of Urolithin A available to the general public. Until recently, it was expensive even for labs to get in small quantities. Timeline Nutrition also offers a powder form that you can use in a wide variety of food recipes, including your coffee, but I personally prefer the soft gels and wanted to include them in this box for you to try.

Cork Body Wheel
by Inviguri

In your box, you'll find an all- natural Cork Body Wheel from Inviguri. This 6-inch Cork Body Wheel can be used in a variety of  ways to RESTORE function and relieve pain. The wheel is extra firm and will deliver intense pressure on trigger points in your back or light pressure on your neck to relieve tension headaches.

The spinal groove built into the Cork Body Wheel ensures there is less pressure on the spine to  focus the pressure on the erector spine muscles in your back where it's needed. The extra- wide design and grippy surface  provide better stability while  rolling and stretching, but it's  still small enough to throw in  your gym bag or travel luggage. An Australian physiotherapist  designed the wheel to be  comfortable, versatile, 
and effective.  

Best of all, this wheel is made from sustainable cork instead of cheap plastic like the  other  wheels you'll find on the market. The cork trees that supplied the  cork for these wheels were  planted decades ago and will continue to live and supply cork  decades into the future.

Question Cards from MyIntent

You've likely heard the stories of  people struggling to interact with others after such long periods of pandemic isolation. Maybe  you've even experienced this first-hand. The MyIntent Question Cards in your box are a great tool to help RESTORE the  connections with yourself and  others in a meaningful way.

The cards feature 33 questions designed to provide a fun way for you to engage with a purpose and are grouped into categories that can help you explore and share the things that matter most, such as your greatest passions, goals, and dreams. Use them to stimulate mindful conversations while  reconnecting with friends and  loved ones. They are great as a team-building tool to connect on a deeper level with clients and  co-workers, or as a journaling  prompt to inspire introspective  thoughts for meditation. 

The Question Cards can also be  used to help you identify your WORD - a specific intention to  help you become the best  version of yourself. Can you  guess my new WORD? I chose  "DANGER."

Capsules & Activator from MindBody Matrix

The MindBody Capsules and  Activator Drops you have can be used separately, but when used together, they form a  potent energetic combination to  RESTORE your sense of well- being, balance inflammation,  and combat stress. The Activator  drops may promote better  absorption of nutrients by  calming the guts and enhancing energetic cellular communication, making all your  supplements more effective. The  Capsules contain a powerful  blend of herbal extracts  traditionally used to calm your  body's pain response by relaxing the mind and balancing levels of inflammation. 

The blend includes well-known traditional Eastern Medicine  powerhouses such as turmeric  nd boswella but also holy basil, lemon balm, gaba, and l-theanine to balance all the  "worries" and "mind chatter"  stress. What makes them both stand out from the market is that they  been "pretreated" with bio- energetic infoceuticals and light  therapy. This targeted approach helps to transform your pain  management process by promoting better  communication between your  mind, body, and spirits.

Follow the instructions on the  card in your box to combine the  two products for next-level pain  relief.

Golden Ticket


Their exclusive offer for Dave Asprey Box subscribers:
1. THREE lucky Golden Ticket winners will receive a FREE Whole Home Unit!
2. Everyone is eligible for a FREE Air Quality Consultation with custom recommendations and  insight. Anyone who completes a consultation will receive a coupon for a FREE Germ  Defender. Any order for a Whole Home unit will also receive an additional FREE Air Angel.
3. All subscribers can also save 10% off any order. 

Long-time Dave Asprey Box subscribers will recognize our first Golden Ticket partner, HypoAir®, and we've featured  their powerful air sanitizing  technology in several past boxes. HypoAir® has also been the Air Quality Sponsor at the Biohacking Conference for many years and has provided units to ensure that the attendees are breathing safe,  clean air. Many of you will also be familiar with my personal  journey to overcome mold illness and know why I'm such a proponent of their technology.  Given the unique circumstances we've endured the past couple of years, I believe their technology can have a huge impact, and I'm  excited to share an incredible promotion they've put together just for Dave Asprey Box subscribers. 

Golden Ticket


H-Wave®'s Generous Offer:
The H-Wave® team has prepared an incredible offer for Dave Asprey Box subscribers:
• TWO lucky winners will receive an H-Wave® device as part of our Golden Ticket Giveaway
• Anyone who is interested can save 45% on an H-Wave® device.

Our second Golden Ticket partner, H-Wave®, offers one of  the most powerful portable  technologies that can hack your  body's ability to heal in the  comfort of your own home. For  40 years, H-Wave® has provided people with a life-changing,  patented, pain relief and recovery option that is non-invasive and drug-free. The H-Wave® is a multi-functional  electrical stimulation device that amplifies (intensifies) your natural healing mechanisms to  RESTORE function and speed up recovery. The device uses proprietary electrical signals  that amplify circulation without  fatiguing your muscles. Unlike other electrotherapy modalities (such as TENS), the H-Wave®  doesn't simply mask pain while it's on - it actively helps your  body to repair damaged tissues. These electrical signals aren't  just useful for reducing soreness  in muscles. You can also use the H-Wave® to help warm up before  your workouts, to re-educate  muscles during specific  movements, or even to fight  muscle atrophy if you're injured  or unable to move. 

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