Are you a bit obsessed with high-quality coffee? Make perfect espresso with the XpressGo portable single-shot espresso maker. It’s an easy,  amazing way to coffee-up both while at home and on the road. You’ll love the taste of the espresso you can make with this device using Upgraded Bulletproof Beans — it rivals that of expensive espresso machines. It’s really easy to use and to clean.

Welcome to XpressGo

XpressGo is your travel-sized single shot espresso maker, by Biohacked. As a subscriber to the Biohacking Box, you have exclusive access to this Dave Asprey Signature Edition. Whether you’re at home or travelling, there is just no excuse for bad coffee. Even if you travel to a country where they drink (gasp) instant coffee! Take your XpressGo and some pre-ground Bulletproof coffee with you, then all you’ll need to do to enjoy a hot fresh shot of the good stuff is to source some clean, boiling water.

Regretfully we haven’t quite perfected a travel-sized portable high speed blender so that you can blend in your grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil. But at least you can drink some decent coffee. If you’re not into straight espresso, just add extra hot water to the espresso shot to make a real, tasty Americano.

It takes longer for the water to boil than it takes to pull your espresso! Clean-up afterwards also takes only a few moments and is really simple.

Interested in how to use the unit? Chris recorded a quick video when he was on a recent trip to the Isle of Man:

Read the instruction manual included in the box. Or download the instructions by clicking here

Here’s some really small but important writing:

  • The XpressGo Travel Sized Espresso Maker is for personal use only. It is not designed for commercial, professional or industrial use.
  • Use of the XpressGo Travel Sized Espresso Maker in any manner other than contained in these instructions could cause harm to you or someone else, and void the warranty.
  • Do not use the XpressGo for anything other than its intended use.
  • After removing the packaging, make sure that your XpressGo is intact and contains all of the parts shown in this manual.
  • Please dispose of the packaging thoughtfully and do not leave plastic bags within reach of children.
  • The XpressGo is not for use by children, and may be difficult to use for people with reduced manual dexterity or hand strength. Please apply common sense before using the unit
  • ALWAYS verify that the water tank and outlet head are firmly attached before pumping the piston
  • Never consume liquid directly from the XpressGo as contents are likely to be extremely hot
  • Do not put the XpressGo or any part of it on a gas or electric hot plate, in an oven, a microwave or a dishwasher.
  • Only use clean water in the XpressGo. Do not use any other ?uid.
  • Never heat water directly in the water tank. Water must be heated by an external heating source such as a pot or a kettle and then poured into the water tank.
  • Do not use the XpressGo if it is showing any sign of wear, breakdown or does not seem to be working correctly
  • If you burn yourself, immediately pour cold water on burned area and call a doctor.
  • Please clean the product carefully after each use.
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